uniformThe Future of your Uniform Rental is here!  We start with a complete analysis of your company’s apparel needs and will design a program accordingly.  Everything from hard to light soil, industrial to business casual garments are available for rental and direct sale.  We SIZE each employee to ensure a perfect fit using our unique branded Porters SureFit Program.

Many people work in an environment every day where a professional look and quality uniform is needed.  We offer many different types, styles, and brands of uniform clothing, and we now carry Carhartt, Dickies, Red Kap, and a complete FR (Flame Resistant) line of clothing.  With these brands we can provide for many different needs of uniforms; culinary, commercial, shops, painters, private business, and many other applications.

Why do people use uniform services?

  1.  Employees in uniform always leave great first impressions.
  2.  Project your company’s identity by displaying your logo on the garments
  3.  Proper apparel is needed to ensure a safe work environment.
  4. Guaranteed a fresh look for your employees every day.
  5.  Convenience!  We handle ALL aspects of keeping your employees looking excellent!

**Call us today and a uniform specialist is waiting to help assist you in all your uniform needs.